A Valued Approach to Utilising blockchain

wellinvested takes companies on the journey through Discover, Design, Develop & Optimise

About the Project

As the value of blockchain continues to come to the forefront, many companies are investing more and more into alternative , decentralised solutions. The key is to understand how blockchain can enhance your business.

wellinvested is positioned to outline the benefits of blockchain within business and take provide a client an understanding of the potential journey that is required to be undertaken.


Blockchain is a buzz word that doesn’t outline the specific nature of its benefits. The technology has grown from a very different source where nearly all tech implemented within business today has been developed from government departments and large industry leads; blockchain stems from an anonymous creator/team and has risen to prominence through fringe implementations. 

Blockchain has breadth that needs to be managed

The technology has far and wide benefits to business

There are many blockchains, choosing the correct one is key


Utilise an understood and performing value proposition and apply blockchain technology to build the solution. Understand new and robust solutions that deliver to both business outcomes and user needs.

Use blockchain to secure aspects a business needs

Our methodology brings consistency in approach and outcomes

Continue the business toward cutting edge technologies

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Transform – Identity

  • Hypersign

  • ID Security

  • ID Management

Transform – Business

  • Supply Chain

  • Ecosystems

  • Asset Transfer

Transform – IoT

  • Devices

  • Oracles

  • Networks

Transform – NFT

  • Provenance

  • Digitisation

  • Authentication


  • Know expected costs before embarking on the project
  • Proven approach to achieve agreed outcomes
  • Blockchain experts to bring projects to fruition
  • Discover – understand current situation and goals
  • Design – Create a solution to achieve the goals
  • Develop – Build and deliver the solution
  • Optimise – Manage and tune the solution
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